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We are an IT service management agency, based in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, founded in 2016. We are focused on three area, research, development and management.

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A variety of data, including all sorts of information and archives recorded in blockchains are difficult to be tampered with or forged by third parties, and this characteristic enhances the reliability of information. For instance, as one of the technologies used in authentication of various information such as certificates, warranties, and personal ID contract data, blockchain technology is utilized in high reliability authentication systems. Based on this quality of the blockchain, our company offers optimized solutions by combining it with customer service.

Big Data

"Big Data", "IoT (Internet of Things)", "AI (Artificial Intelligence)", "Machine Learning", "Deep Learning", "Data Scientist", "Data Analysis and Utilization", "Estimation and Optimization", and "FinTech". These are the keywords in the spotlight, but what lies beneath all of them is "transforming data into value to change and enhance business activities". As a leader of data utilization domain, we specialize in transforming data into value using analysis and engineering to help enterprises to improve management.

IT service management

More and more companies want to relieve the operational load constantly rising due to increasingly complex ICT systems such as various cloud services and the introduction of IoT system, and focus on their core duty. Based on know-how accumulated through diverse experiences, we provide services to improve efficiency of the whole ICT environment and relieve operational load.


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